Lower Alcohol Booze: Say yes people

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Right, it’s been a long day so I’m just nipping in quickly with a short post before I nip off downstairs for a glass of the pretty pink stuff above…..

It’s lower alcohol don’t you know. 5.5 percent in fact. Not only does this allow me to break my rule of not drinking in the house (as I’ve had to taste it for professional purposes) it also allows me to tell you about one easy way to boost your health this Christmas, and that is to swap to lower alcohol wine/beer – even if it’s just reducing your normal proofage by a couple of points. You might not think it makes a huge amount of difference, but check out these stats.

If you swap from a 5% beer to a 4% one, you’ll cut your alcohol intake by 20 percent per two small bottles.

Swapping from a 14% wine to a 5.5% one like Arniston Bay Light would see you cut your alcohol intake by a whopping 60 percent

According to the World Cancer Research Fund swapping to a glass of 10% wine instead of a 14% one (if you drink a glass a day) will lower your risk of bowel cancer by about seven percent. And the lower you go the greater your protection is likely to be.

One thing I have learned about drinking lower alcohol wines though, you need to drink them very, very cold. Because they can be naturally sweeter than other wines, once they get warm they can be a little bit cloying. The one above definitely falls into that category, but chilled it’s pretty nice – and it has 30% less calories than it’s higher alcohol buddy which is another welcome bonus.

See she looks like a doctor and she's checking the proofage!

See she looks like a doctor and she’s checking the proofage!

Oh and while I’m talking all things vino-tastic, folks who wish to cut down should also take a wander into M&S – not only have they also launched a lower alcohol range, they have had the BRILLIANT idea of selling normal wine in 500ml bottles. This means you and your drinking buddy can have one large glass each and not either have to drain the dregs – or, have some in the fridge encouraging next day drinking as well. Remember it’s healthy drinking behaviour to have two completely alcohol free days a week.

Right, on that note – I’m off for a small glass while I read mags on the sofa. Cheers now…..



Model image: freedigitalphotos.net

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