Madonna’s Butt Blasting Secret

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It’s well known that Madonna’s got a bum that could crack walnuts – but you’ll never guess one of the bits of equipment that she uses to get it…….

Here's a clue.........

Here’s a clue………

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Madonna’s new personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer for the release of her new DVD Addicted to Sweat (find it on amazon Addicted To Sweat – DVD1 – ATS Dance: Get Wet ) and now these are released I can let you into a little secret she told me. Madonna has been known to exercise on an office wheely chair.

Apparently, because it’s slightly unstable it’s really good for engaging a heap load of muscles while you do moves on it – Madge does tricep dips (probably easier if you’ve got a trainer to hold onto it ensuring you don’t go scooting too far off down the end of the room), a complicated stomach move involving the chair and a bungy cord that I’m not even going to describe in case one of you tries it and sues me but also a simple bum firming move which sees her standing in front the chair with one foot on top. She then pushes the chair back and forth.

It sounds pretty strange (considering Madonna can afford all manner of exciting exercise gizmos) but considering on one of their first sessions Nicole turned up with a towel and proceeded to show her Madgesty a series of moves using it for resistance it’s not hugely surprising. ‘I was so nervous,’ said Winhoffer. ‘I was thinking, ‘what if she doesn’t like it’ – but she thought it was fun.’ Not surprisingly, the towel moves have made it onto one of the set of four DVD’s, as has a modified version of the chair workout using a nice stable chair that it’s safe to use on your own.

So, why am I telling you this today when you still have the turkey sweats and all you want to do is veg on the sofa until New Year? Because you can bet your own walnut cracking butt that Madge is working out today. In fact, when I asked Winhoffer how she keeps Madonna motivated she told me, ‘actually it’s the other way round. This is one of the busiest women in the world and every day she finds time to work out. Whenever I don’t want to exercise I just think of her.’

If that’s motivated you to get moving Madge style, take a sneaky peak at this slideshow over at Fitness magazine and it’ll give you some chair moves of your very own to try…..

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