Magners’ 103 Calorie Cider – tasted

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It’s that drinky time of year – and, if you’re not careful it’s also, the ‘hang on where did those inches come from round my middle’ time of year so, any savings you can make in the calorie front are most welcome. Handily, just in time for what I shall call ‘booze belly season’ arrives the new Magners Light range. The premise is simple – it’s fruity cider booze with 30 percent less calories than their normal fruity cider booze (making a 330ml bottle just 103 calories) but the same 4% alcohol content.

It’s available in two flavours Light Pear and Light Orchard Berries and it’s this second glowing red bottle of excitement that they sent me to try. I popped it in a wine glass (I drink everything out of a wine glass) and had a taste. It’s pretty good. It’s not too sweet, which is what puts me off fruit ciders normally – and nor does it taste much like cider. In fact, it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all which could get dangerous if you’re anything like me and forget you’re drinking the hard stuff and find yourself knocking it back like squash! Thankfully I’d only poured myself half a bottle which is less than a unit of alcohol so I wasn’t ricocheting off walls or anything – but be careful out there if you make this your new Crimbo drink of choice. It could go down, very, very quickly.


If you’re not a cider fan, you’re not doomed to high cal choices. Don’t forget the other handy trick when trying to save calories via booze – the lower the alcohol content the lower the calories (and risk of hangover and damage to your health). There’s a heap of 5-7% alcohol wines out now in the UK (they’re normally called things like¬†Light or Early Harvest) which can clock in at as few as 60 calories per 125ml glass – and, while they do err a bit on the sweet side, they aren’t bad – just remember to drink them, very, very cold which seems to cut through the sugar a bit.

My other top alcohol lowering tip – Becks Blue and lager halfsies. Half Becks Blue, half real lager – it’s like a shandy but without the sweetness. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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