The Salad Taste Shake Up To Know About

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So yesterday I went a bit out on a tangent to indulge my love of the strange and discussed chocolate covered chips, I therefore thought I’d better get back on track today with some useful – and genuinely healthy – advice. And, even if I say it myself, it’s game changing.

To cut a long story short I am currently fat! Two heavily food focused holidays in around three months will do that to a person. I have also fallen into an enormous hole of sugar reliance which I need to get out of stat to erm, stop being fat. I’m therefore eating all the salads, all the protein and none of the sugary stuff. Now the problem here is that while I like salad, I find it incredibly dry, especially when I’m adding things like chicken as a topping, and as such my normal lunchtime plate has added salad cream. Salad cream though contains sugar – 2.6g per 15g teaspoon full – and so that’s not on the menu right now.

I had big plans on how I was going to cope with this. I bought myself some Fage Greek Yogurt, I downloaded recipes for making sugar-free dressings involving it, I did make an awesome guacamole for my weekend’s munchy enjoyment – and, then come Monday I got busy and, the idea of spending 10-minutes whipping up salad dressings while trying to juggle my workload, did not appeal. Instead, I grabbed a lemon that was lying about in the fruit bowl and squeezed that on my salad bowl instead. I wasn’t expecting much, but the result was the best salad I’ve had in ages. But it wasn’t just the lemon that made that happen.

See while I was in the US I developed a coriander obsession (cilantro as it’s known there) and I had started adding that to my salads to give them a bit of extra pep. It’s good but add lemon on the top and for some reason you create a taste sensation that’s frankly out of this world. And it has no sugar, no fat, virtually no calories and, it lowers the GI of whatever you put it on. Mind. Literally. Blown.

So, if you think salads are boring – and, like me, you’re trying to reduce your reliance on dressings, then try the lemon/coriander combo – there’s no recipe, just add a bit of both and see what happens. Let me know what you think. NB: I may have over hyped it here – but seriously, I love it.

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    Mmm going to try that – love coriander.

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