Make Yourself An Exercise Loyalty Card

Looking for a bit of extra motivation. I’ve come up with an idea. The Health-e-Helen exercise loyalty card.

You know if you go to the same coffee shop over and over again you collect little stamps and claim your prize? Why not do the same thing with exercise. Here’s my idea….

1) Decide on your reward.

2) Decide how many runs, walks or trips to the gym will get you it.

3) Make a card and tick a box off every time you succeed.

4) When it’s full, claim your prize.


Awesome eh? Now, who’s going to back me……What do you mean you can do itself with some coloured pens and a bit of paper?





1 Comment

  1. skinny AND strong

    I love this idea!!!

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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