Marathon Guilt: It sucks. It’s solved.

Does anyone else out there suffer marathon guilt? It’s that feeling you get when, even though you workout for a few hours a week, can run for the bus without even getting out of puff and, while you might not win it, you’d see a 10km run as not that scary a thing to do, it’s not running like you used to when you used to run long distance.

I get MG a lot – if I go to the doctor or talk to a fitness trainer and they ask me if I exercise I say ‘yes, but only for thirty to forty minutes’ – at which point they say ‘but that’s excellent’ – and I reply ‘no its’ not, ‘I used to be able to run for five hours…..’.

It’s a depressing state. Here I am slogging my little guts out on the treadmill when loads of other people are just sitting on the sofa watching the TV and I’m STILL feeling bad about it. However today, the solution to marathon guilt appeared in my in box. It was talking about a study that’s just come out in the journal Heart.

In it docs suggest that exercising at high intensity for too long too often – ie running repeated marathons – might actually not be the best thing for health. They claim, in fact, that excessive amounts of high intensity exercise may actually damage the heart stating ‘running too far, too fast and for too many years may speed one’s progress toward the finishing line of life.’

Now, ignoring the fact that I have never run anywhere too fast in my life this is great at absolving marathon guilt. After all, they suggest that if you want to tick running a marathon off your bucket list, you do one or two events and then settle in to more moderate exercise of sessions lasting 30-50 minutes. Excellent, I’ve done two marathons, one ultradistance and a mini tri – therefore I can now settle in to a life of exercise mediocrity knowing I’m helping my heart because of it. Huzzzahhhhh!

Oh, look - it's pink poster guilt!

I won’t be swayed by this at all

Now, if someone can just publish a study that tackles Walt Disney World marathon medal envy I’ll be completely sorted out.

Oh, and by the way, I know it’s the beginning of a new month and therefore I should have a new theme by now, but it hasn’t come to me yet, so I’m just going to keep up last month’s theme of New stuff until it does – not least as there’s still a pile of goodies that need my reviews written up!


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  1. arianvitali

    I did have a chuckle at the ‘too fast’ bit, yeah right.

  2. Karen Justice

    Yes, yes yes, I have MG too!!  Actually I even have half Marathon guilt as haven’t run since September!!   Blasted knees.

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