Mendill Towelettes: Scented Gym Bag Yuminess

I don’t normally get excited about slightly damp bits of tissue. In fact, I can safely say I have never been excited about such items before now. But last weekend, a packet of Mendill’s new wipes plopped through my letterbox. I thought they were something baby orientated and was just about to put them in my ‘don’t touch that in case it gets you pregnant’ pile when I noticed a little note inside. ‘They’re great post fitness,’ said the note. That and the fact that they had lemons and oranges on the front got me intrigued. So I opened one…..

Tangerine. It smelt nice. I opened Orange – actually smelt good enough to eat (don’t do that, it can clog your bowel). And then I opened another one. With a lemon on the front. AMAZING. In fact, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m typing this with one dangling over my nose as it’s so good. Once I stopped sniffing them like an over excited spaniel, I did also give my skin a wipe and they leave that really nicely scented too.  So yes, they would be great to pop in your gym bag for those events when there’s no shower and a long journey home. Admittedly at £10 for 20 you might only want to use them after runs where you PB’d or wish to celebrate your own awesome achievement with something really special, but they are lovely. Find them at

Mine are going in my hand baggage for flights too – if you get on a plane at any point and see a woman with a soggy bit of tissue over her nose but a happy look on her face, say hi! this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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