M&S Brusselmole has Arrived

For the last few weeks I have been making people look at me strangely in M&S. I’m wander up and down the aisles, head past the mince pies, take a quick trip round the canapes and then stare longingly at the dip section hoping something magical will appear before my eyes – eventually, normally after picking up at least one pot of dip for myself as I’ve been staring at them all for so long, I go find a staff member….the conversation goes something like this…

Me: ‘Has the Brusselmole arrived yet?’

M&S person:’ ‘The what.’

Me: ‘The Brusselmole – it was in your Xmas press show month’s ago and I couldn’t go but I really want to try it. It’s guacamole made from Brussels sprouts.

At this point the staff member, either says no and backs away slowly….says no but sounds intrigued….or in one truly fantastic interaction, says no, but points me in the direction of parsnip juice – which was extremely nice actually.

Yesterday though something new happened on my trip….I walked up to the dip shelf and there it was. Brusselmole.


It was in my shopping basket faster than you could say ‘it’s a mix of Brussels sprouts, sour cream and cannellini beans’…..which I admit surprised me as I thought it was going to be avocado with sprouts.

I got it, home, Didn’t even bother with chips or crudites and just dived in with a spoon.


Well let’s just say you’re okay if you don’t like sprouts. Or sour cream. Or beans. As it doesn’t seem to taste much like any of the ingredients. I’m not really sure what it does taste of. It’s definitely not unpleasant, but nor would it knock actual guacamole off the table as my green dip of choice. However it would probably be really nice on little bits of baguette or bagel chips as a canapé. Nutritionwise it’s 128 calories per 100g, 9g of fat (3.0g saturated), 7.3g of carbs (3.2g of that sugar as it contains Maple Syrup) and 3.1g protein.

Eight More Exciting Things To Do With a Sprout

However, Brusselmole is not the only exciting thing to do with a sprout out there right now.

  1. The internet exploded the other day with the news that a chip shop in London was deep frying them.
  2. If you want to go uber-posh, you can also have them in tempura at new super trendy restaurant Sexy Fish.
  3. Not content with putting them in dip, M&S have also added them to sausages (see below)


  1. Pizza Express have put them on top of a pizza for Christmas

  2. You can juice them – find the recipe they created specially for me at Fortnum and Mason’s last year here

  3. You make them into tiny, tiny ham sandwiches – I’ve also seen then surrounding scallops on my instagram

  4. Should you really have nothing else to do with your life you can peel off the individual leaves a, bake them and make them into veggie crisps.

  5. Or you can cover them in chocolate as per the video below. At this point I decided I’d peaked. I cannot beat that one.


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