My excuse for not blogging – and a great new sleep treatment

Apologies that I haven’t posted for a few days….this little orange beauty above is just stealing a little bit of my spare writing time right now. Yes, I have decided to write an e-book.

It won’t be out until February, but I just thought I’d give you a sneak preview of the cover as an explanation as to why I’m not blogging quite as often as normal. Good news is, by next week all the words should be done and then it’s just the formatting to master. From what I’ve heard this will lead to screaming and crying! When it is all ready to launch though I’ll tell you more about what’s in it and where you can buy it but until then bear with me if I disappear every now and then!

A few squirts of this and it’s hello sleep time

Not surprisingly my stress levels have been a little high while dealing with all of this. When I’m stressed I find it hard to sleep but I have found the most amazing NEW sleep aid. It’s called Good Night spray by online company LoveUrSoul – and it’s amazing. When you wake up at 2am with your head all fizzing, just give it a couple of sprays under your tongue and you drop off again. It’s based on the sleep hormone melatonin and I’m really impressed with its effects.

And finally, talking of sleep, I have a piece out in a newspaper today you might like to read. It’s all about how using technology at night might interfere with sleep and leave us in a state experts are calling ‘tired but wired’.

Basically there’s a lot of evidence emerging now about how technology (even the screen you’re reading this on) might interfere with rest and how deeply we sleep. Plus it’s now believed we’re throwing so much digital information at our brain it can’t process it adequately throughout the day and so it spends time when you should be sleeping dealing with the deluge. This is a) stopping you winding down b) preventing you from falling into the deep stages of sleep you need to feel restored.

Personally I know using twitter in the evening messes with my sleep patterns – if I’ve been on it a lot in the evening when I fall asleep I will actually dream in tweets and I can feel information flashing in my brain all night. I’m therefore really trying to limit using it in the PM. If you can’t drop off to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night all wired, or sleep okay but just don’t feel rested have a look at the article here. It might explain a few things (Helen suddenly sees her PM views drop off dramatically!)

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  1. Jo WatersJo Waters

    Great story Helen think this is increasingly common – especially in teenagers who have their phones at the bedside and never switchoff

    1. healthehelen

      Thanks Jo. Seems to have hit a nerve with a few people.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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