My trip to the World’s Healthiest Gas Station (and a Bison bar snack)

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My holidays are not always normal. I’m always on the lookout for exciting health things and as such they tend to involve massages with things like hammers, eating anything strange that might have some kind of health benefit (black chicken anyone), trips to odd spas (there’s one of those coming soon too) – but on my trip this time I excelled myself.

Woman standing on gas station forecourt

One of my stops was to a place just outside of Dallas called Greenspot Market and Fuels – a place that bills itself as the World’s first Healthy Gas Station. Sorry, there was no way I was missing that one.

Primarily I was going to pick up the Chapul bars I wrote about a few weeks back, but I was intrigued.

A healthy gas station? Eh? Does not compute.

Surely Gas Stations are made to be filled with Twinkies, energy drinks, pies, sandwiches of unknown origin with curly edges and coffee. Really, really bad coffee.

When we pulled up I was still confused – it looked like a normal gas station. There were fuel pumps, there was a man in a Stetson buying coffee (this was Dallas), and there were racks of crisps and snacky things – but looking closer all was not as it seemed.

The chocolate bars were raw, the crisps were lentil crackers and that coffee was finest Fairtrade beans.

Out the back there was a cafe selling veggie burgers, smoothies and healthy, freshly made sandwiches which didn’t look like the corners would curl up for quite some time yet.

They even host a Farmer’s Market twice a month…it was like Wholefoods – with petrol! I loved it.

row of healthy chocolate bars at Greenspot market Dallas

Ten minutes of scanning the aisles later and I’d ascertained most of the things in the aisles were products I’d tried before – but other than the Chapul bars I did spot one other thing on my ‘US health food must buys’ list (yes, I had one) – an EPIC Bison Bar.

So called paleo bars are going to be a huge upcoming trend this year- selling themselves as a more natural alternative to protein bars they’re actually made of smoked grass fed meat (providing both protein and healthy fats) but formed into an easy- to-eat-on-the-run bar shape – kind of like moist beef jerky.

EPIC come in four flavours including beef, turkey and lamb – but ever attuned to eating oddities I decided I wanted the Bison one. I’ve never had bison.


Said large beastie is mixed with bacon and cranberries which sounded pretty nice had you served me it on a plate in slices, but strangely though, when it came down to it the idea of eating a bar of meat actually made me feel a bit sick.

Yes I know that’s odd considering I was happily tucking into the insect bars with abandon, but I just kept thinking ‘beef jerky, it’s a bar like beef jerky.’ I hate beef jerky. And Pepperami. I’m not even that good with salami!

To be honest, taste wise it wasn’t bad. You could really taste the bacon and cranberries – if you could get over the whole ‘bar of meat thing’ it would be okay.

But I just couldn’t. It was just a bit too soft and mushy for my liking.

Thankfully The Boyfriend loves beef jerky and wolfed down the whole thing declaring it ‘pretty tasty – it’s got a bit of a kick to it. It’s softer than beef jerky, and while I still prefer that I’d eat these bars again if someone gave me one.’ Sadly he’ll have to wait as, as yet EPIC don’t sell in the UK (and they tell me they have no plans to)

At this point my trip to the Greenspot had to end – I was in Dallas, The Greenspot is kind of near Southfork ranch and my Sue Ellen obsession was calling (see below).

But, if you’re in the Dallas area and want to make a healthy pitstop, you’ll find it at 702 North Buckner Blvd, Dallas Texas 75218. Find their website here for details of their opening hours.

Pool and back of the house Southfork Ranch, Dallas this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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