Nails + Sunglasses = Fun Idea Alert

Last year I told you about the (stupidly expensive) matching flip flops and Essie nail polish combo – this year, I’m updating the idea. Matching your nails to your sunglasses. The idea couldn’t be simpler – just pick a colour or feature in your glasses and match your nails to it……

It could be a simple frame to polish combo like this one…. and that picture of the smiley girl above


Nails Inc Kensington Park Polish (c/o

Nails Inc Kensington Park Polish (c/o








Or, you could get creative – those of you wearing heart-shaped sunnies could get busy with the nail stickers.

Beautiful Asian girl

Heart stickers from

Heart stickers from








Or just match some other feature on the frame….

My sunnies are a black and diamante Westwood pair so I’ve had to a go bit rock goddess to totally match them….those of you without a secret goth past that means you own black nail varnish, or simply want nails that look like they belong in summer, not the depths of winter,  might just want to choose a glitter to match the sparkles!

Sportsgirl Black polish topped with Mavala Sparkling Silver

Sportsgirl Black polish topped with Mavala Sparkling Silver










How would you match yours?

Main images: © Grady Reese and © decisiveimages


  1. Mary

    Wow those are some cool sparkling nail designs, i would like to have my nails look like that, these are real nail design ideas.

    1. healthehelen

      I needed your pictures when I was writing post! Could have had lots of fun with leopard print glasses.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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