New Challenge Alert: Start it now peeps or it’ll hurt more!

You know I like a challenge: So far I’ve told you about 5×50 and Droptober – well today I’m going to tell you about something I spotted over at Cranux’s blog

It’s called 10,000 for Spring – and the idea is that by March 20, which is the first day of the (Northern Hemisphere) spring you aim to have done the following…..

10,000 pushups

10,000 crunches

Walked/run 100 miles (165km).

I was going to save this until January to post, but then, as Cranux says, ‘the later you start the more daily reps you’ll have to complete’.


Plus as of today it’s exactly 100 days until the end date – that means if you start right now you have to do a very simple bit of maths to remember…

100 push ups a day – you don’t have to do them all at once

100 crunches a day – again, breaking them into little non back-attacking groups is fine here


1 mile a day to run/walk

Check out the specific post for links as to how to sign up. I’m off to attempt some press ups before lunch.


If you like the sound of this idea, you’ll probably also like some of the tips in my book Gymspiration. I wrote it when I was super bored at the gym and it includes 52 workouts you can do in the gym or outside on the street. The idea is that you pick one of them each day to keep you interested and motivated. It’s available via amazon – and you’ll get to the right page simply by clicking this link Gym-spiration: 52 Ways to Wake Up Your Workout


  • NYNHB is a member of Amazon Associates and so if you do click the link and make a purchase I get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any extra money though.




  1. Corgi Mom

    I love this!! I’m definitely doing this, with a slight tweak (I have bad shoulders so I can’t well do 100 push-ups a day!). Love love love!

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    1. healthehelen

      Thanks for this – btw, how do you do this pingback thingy? I wanted to do it for Cranux on my post but didn’t know how!

  3. Cranux

    Thank you so much!
    Anyone and everyone, no matter your ability, is welcome to join the group.
    We encourage and motivate, but do not require anything of you.
    We have many people with a range of injuries doing wall pushups, to knee pushups, and some people who have already completed 10,000 and are now working on their second sets . . . but it is a positive environment where everyone is encouraged to their ability.
    If you’re even thinking about it, request to join (we only made it a closed group so that your posts wouldn’t be broadcast so publicly) and see what others are doing, and participate as much as you’d like!
    Thanks again for sharing this! 🙂

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