New Mission: Try an Urban-Tri

Oooh, this looks fun. On the first Sunday of every month super fit London types can now do what organisers called an Urban Tri – and, it doesn’t technically involve getting your hair wet (except with sweat).

It starts with a 45 minute hot yoga session in Covent Garden’s Yotopia, then you go off for a 5k run through St James Park (time to wave at the Queen) then down the Embankment to end up at BOOM cycle in the City for an 8 mile spin class.

It cost £40 a session but you get a goodie bag. The next one is on July 5th starting at 9.30am and you can enter now. To find out more visit

But what if you’re not in London (like me), no worries – try the Health-e equivalent…

Do a 45 minute yoga class via online yoga provider

Head out for a 5k walk or run ending up at the gym

Then, do a Song Cycle for 8k.

What’s a Song Cycle? Well, it’s based on the way you move in uber-fun spinning class Psycle, it sees you matching the speed of your pedals to the beat of the music – if you need to go slower up the resistance, if you need to go faster turn it back down but just try and ensure that the bottom of every pedal stroke hits when the beat does. If that doesn’t make sense, see this post I wrote on it before which explains it more fully. Trust me, it’s fun. Those eight miles will whizz by.

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  1. laurenwildandfit

    That sounds really great! I wish we had something like this here.

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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