Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser: What A Brilliant Idea

Remember that Wash and Go advert where they suggested maybe you might not want to take two bottles into the shower? Forget that matey, I’m packing a little bag of goodies while I go for a wash from now on. First up will be my shower gel, second will this new genius invention from Nivea called Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. It’s a body lotion that you apply in the shower and rinse off. Towel yourself off and you’re left all silky smooth.

That’s right, no standing naked freezing your bits off while you rub in endless sticky lotion. No waiting for said sticky lotion to dry so you can get your tights on – and then finding out you missed a bit and half your 40 deniers are stuck somewhere down round your knees.


I just tried it at the gym. It’s amazing. It’s quite thick and gloopy to apply- I guess that’s so it stays put under the water, but it goes on just like shower gel, then rinses off. I was worried it might leave things slidey underfoot, but it didn’t seem to (at least in the gym with their ‘safety’ tiles anyway). I dried myself and got dressed immediately. It passed the tights test. Now, I’m sitting at my desk about 30 minutes later and it also passes the smooth feeling skin test too.

Whether it’s strong enough to cope with the scaly shins remains to be seen. A quick peek says it’s left them smooth and shiny – although it’ll take a least a week of continuous use to actually eliminate the scales. But, with a product that’s quite so easy to use that doesn’t sounds as much of a hardship as normal. They’re calling it ‘game changer’ in the body lotion market. Do you know what? I think they might be right.

Find it at normal Nivea stockists and priced £3.56 .


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  1. healthiestbeauty

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  2. laura94b

    I have £6 boots vouchers to use up – this is definitely on my shopping list!

  3. Claire

    Just tried to buy some in York Boots but not available yet … wanted to try after my swim tonight … humph!

    1. Helen Foster

      It just says April on the release – but supposed to be this week.

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