Off to The Pub for Lunch: Here’s the (UK) Calorie Counts

pubs and calorie counting don't always mix

This post was written a long time ago and so the lowest calorie options may no longer be accurate. However I have updated the links to find all the pub calories as of today – 1st June 2017 – so you can find the nutritional information yourself. The good news is, unlike many of the chain restaurants, the pubs have got better at listing their nutritional information since I wrote this and now all the pub chains that I could think of have a list of calories for you to use.  Check the below for the links marked 2017 update.

If you’ve been into a Slug and Lettuce recently you’ll have noticed something new on the menu – an under 500 calorie section. I haven’t had a chance to get to one to try it myself yet, but the press release tells of goodies like an 8oz Rump Steak with house salad (489 calories) and an Aubergine and Tomato Bake with salad (at 430) which sound good on paper at least.

It also gives me a chance to do a post I’ve been planning for a while, but never got round to which is (drumroll)….a list of the lowest calorie (chain) pub meals and where to find pub calories online.

As with chain restaurants, some pub chains don’t have any of their calories listed on their menu or website (at least anywhere I can find anyway) – Ember Inns (2017 update: they have now added this – well done) and All Bar One (2017 update: they’ve also now added theirs as well) get named and shamed here. Some others only give you the good news with the less than 500 calorie dishes, but increasingly more pubs are being open and honest – although for someone who loves pies, the numbers do make quite scary reading. Still, at least now I know I want a 1481 calorie Steak, Kidney and Boddingtons Pudding at a Brewer’s Fayre I need to run for roughly two and a half hours beforehand to earn it! (To be honest, I would run that far for a Steak and Kidney Pudding).

If you wouldn’t however, here is a list of the main pub chains with their lowest calorie options – and, a link to where you’ll find the calories for any other items you might fancy.

Slug and Lettuce Grilled Tuna Salad - 485 calories

Slug and Lettuce Grilled Tuna Salad – 485 calories

Slug and Lettuce. Only list the calories for their under 500 calorie options. Of these, the lowest calorie is the Chicken and Pepper Skewers with Salad at 416 calories.

2017 update: They now have a full list of calories for all their menu. When you get to the page, choose the time of day you’re eating to bring up the menu and then click on the little apple icon and it will bring up a version with the calories on it.


Yates: Have also introduced an under 500 calorie section. The lowest calorie option is the Crayfish Tail salad at a ridiculously low 140 calories. Click here for the menu

2017 update: They now have a full list of calories for the menu. As with Slug and Lettuce, you’ll need to choose when you’re eating then click on the little apple icon to find the calories.


Chef and Brewer: The lowest calorie main course is the Grilled Sea Bass with Salad at 246 calories.

2017 update: Click here for a full list of calories for everything on the menu (good on you Chef and Brewer). Scan down to where it says ‘nutritional information’ in the box right at the bottom


Brewer’s Fayre: The lowest calorie dish is the Jacket Potato with Quorn Chilli at 499 calories

Click here for a full list of calories – it’s very well hidden, right at the bottom past all the allergy info. If you’re printing it out it’s from page 54-56

2017 update: There’s still a full list of calories – but the good news is they’ve moved it up to the top so no more hunting.


Wetherspoons: There’s a tie here – the lowest calorie option is the Chicken Wrap (339 calories) with a side salad (17 calories) to make it more of a meal – or for the same 356 calories you could have the veggie version of the Sweet Chilli Egg Noodles.

2017 update: Click here for a full list of calories – just find the category of food you fancy: ie burger, burrito, pub classic and it’ll bring up the calories for you.


Harvester: Your lowest option is the Flame Grilled Chicken Breast and peas (260 calories) with a side of baby potatoes (110 calories)

2017 updateAnother chain that lists everything on their website and the menu – just be careful with the unlimited salad bar.


Toby Carvery: Don’t officially list their calories, but do have a strange little nod to nutrition in a picture of a roast dinner that you can hover over (find it on this page here). It’s not massively helpful unless you take your weighing scales to the restaurant though as it’s calculated by 100gm  weights for meat and veggies – but the Yorkshire and Roasties figures are helpful

2017 update: They now have a full list of all their calories on the site just go to the box marked ‘nutritional information’ and it will download.


These posts are very hard to keep updated so if you spot a link that doesn’t work any more please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to update things.


Drinking image: © kzenon

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  1. Audrey Morrison

    Fullers pubs – any information on calories please? Salads are what I tend to go for as being a reversed diabetes type II client I try to keep to a fairly strict regime but do like my pub/restaurant meals out.

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