Peanut Hottie Hot Peanut Butter Drink Review

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When this arrived in the post today I literally ran to the kitchen clutching it lovingly against my chest. This may sound an extreme reaction but it’s a hot drink that tastes like peanut butter – why would I not immediately drop everything I’m doing to consume it? Especially as I’m cold, jet legged and cranky.

Top marks for the packaging.  It makes me happy.

Top marks for the packaging. It makes me happy.

What is Peanut Hottie?

It’s basically, what’s now known as powdered peanut butter (although at the time, they didn’t call themselves that).

Made from peanuts blended with ‘special flavour’ – a worrying term I admit – you simply spoon the powder into a cup and add hot water. A few stirs later you’ve got something that looks like tea but kind of smells like peanuts. So what does it taste like – erm, sugar at first. Not surprisingly as that’s the first ingredient – and it does contain 12.2g of the stuff per 20g serving (over 50 percent of the calories). But I admit there is a nice creamy aftertaste – and a faint hint of peanuttyness.

I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or not. I was expecting something like a melted peanut cup – rich, gooey, seriously sickening. I didn’t get that, but what I did get I liked. Whether I liked it more than the equivalent calories of real peanut butter is another matter.

You see they say it’s 83 calories per 20g serving – but if you stick to that it doesn’t quite pack enough of a punch in terms of taste – especially if you fill the cup. Follow the instructions on the pack – to use 4-5 heaped teaspoons and fill the cup about 3/4 full you achieve more taste, but, in my estimation clock in at around 100 calories a cup. That’s a hefty spoonful of real peanut butter – and that hefty spoonful won’t contain any sugar, or additives (there’s a worrying number in here – no wonder they call it special flavour) and adds a larger dose of healthy fat to your diet to boot.

So, my verdict. It won’t replace peanut butter in my house, but if you want a hot sweet treat it is nice and warming. Plus, unlike real peanut butter you’re unlikely to dip back in the jar a couple of times daily. It’s not a health food though – there’s too much ‘stuff’ in it. Find it now at Sainsbury’s priced £2.99. For more details check out their website – this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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