Pizza Express Superfood Salad – 295 calories (and 5:2 friendly)

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THE most popular post on this blog is the one about the calorie counts in all the UK’s chain restaurants – every week hundreds of you click on it – but now it needs an update. Pizza Express have had a menu revamp and now their lowest calorie offering is no longer their Pollo Pancetta Salad as it was when I wrote that post, but their new Superfood Salad at a staggeringly low 295 calories.

I say staggeringly low because I had one of them last night and you really wouldn’t think that was the case….it contains (deep breath)…

Lentils, pinenuts, avocado, mozzarella, butternut squash, beetroot, cucumber, leaves and a sweet sort of balsamicy dressing. It also comes on a plate larger than a frisbee.

It’s a really good diet option and could, possibly, change my mind about ordering salads in restaurants – often to make them tasty and filling they are packed with calorific add ons and sugar dressings and end up being more calorific than some of the other items on the menu. This however changes things – I could have one of the Superfood Salads and steal a bit of the boyfriend’s Romana (which frankly are too big for one person) and be a very happy Helen. They also have a Raspberry Sorbet dessert for less than 100 calories – but I was a bit too full to try it.

Oh, and this is interesting – I just went on their website to check the link for the nutritional information – and they have actually come up with a menu suitable for Fast Days on the 5:2 plan that includes the salad. Now that IS clever marketing considering how obsessed everyone is right now with 5:2!.

So, what do you order in chain restaurants if you’re on a diet plan? Or, do you just forget about counting calories when you’re out?


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  1. Catherine Dream

    I agree.
    This salad is REALLY tasty and satisfying!

  2. healthehelen

    I’m going to try some of their new offerings on Monday so check back and I might have more new ideas for you.

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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