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I’m in serious need of some musical motivation right now – I’ve not found any new music I want to workout to and my playlist hasn’t been updated for ages. However the other day when I was talking to Jessie Pavelka for my Quorn post we talked about the music he was listening to and his top tune was something very strange…

‘I’m listening to some seriously depressing stuff right now – my favourite is a song called Shark Fin Blues by The Drones,’ he told me.

I remembered this the other day while thinking about updating my playlist so I had a listen and while there’s no way on earth that would get me into the gym….I can see it would be quite a good weight training song – but at that point I started to wonder, what’s on the playlist of some other top trainers. So I asked a few….and here’s what they said.


Dalton Wong, trainer at London’s Twenty Two training. His clients include megastars Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried. and his first book The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day comes out in January.

‘I don’t have one song as it depends what I’m doing but here’s my favorites.’

Faithless – Insomnia. ‘This is one of my all time favourite songs – it starts off slow and then the beats increase – it’s just like my run. Start off slow and then boom – off you go.’

Raleigh Ritchie – Black and Blue EP ‘My stretching tracks. The EP is about 15 minutes long and is the perfect length of time for me to work on my mobility and flexibility drills. My favourite song on the EP is Freefall

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit ‘This gets me in the mood for weights and it takes in to my inner, foolish youth.’

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off. How can you not want to dance and smile. This and Drakes, Hold On We’re Going Home’ are the songs when I need to have a smile and create happy feelings.’


Mollie Millington, aka The Happiness Personal Trainer and blogger at

‘Giorgio Moroder ’74 is the new 24′ is a great dance track if you want something with a beat that’s repetitive – I find a strong beat helps me be consistent with my pacing. Spin Spin Sugar featuring Sue Cho is another favourite.’


Julia Buckley, trainer and author of new e-book Ignite coming to amazon Jan 2nd – see more at

‘Led Zeppelin – Kashmir. I crank the volume right up on this one when I’m doing something intense like big lifts or running up a steep hill. It has this really dramatic epic feel to it – and the lyrics talk about questing towards some distance horizon, which somehow reminds me of my goals. Also, it’s over 8 minutes long which keeps my head in the game.’


Katie Bulmer-Cooke, award winning trainerformer Apprentice competitor and instructor at

‘Turn the Music Louder by KDA featuring Tinie Tempeh and Katy B. It’s just the right pace to increase your speed – I’m using it at the end of sessions to help clients find their reserve energy.’


Russ Harris from London’s SIX3NINE gym

‘I actually listen to a lot of motivational speeches when I’m doing big lifts – classic ones by people like Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King, there’s a reason why they’re still being quoted. If I’m doing something more cardio based though it’s Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia.


So that’s it – top playlist ideas from some uber-trainers. I’ve added the Giorgio Moroder song and Faithless to my list (I already have Nirvana, Swedish House Mafia and Taylor Swift on there). I tried running to Led Zeppelin when I did the Avengers run – Kashmir was in Iron Man –  but it didn’t work well for me!!! But which song from the list works best for you – or what’s your killer workout song right now?


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