Project Fit – 35 seriously tough minutes

I’m not a big one for making resolutions, experience has told me it’s generally a fruitless exercise, but I do have a few things I’d like to do this year. Paragon of nutritional virtue with the body of a goddess that I am (?) not many of them are diet or figure based but I would like to be fitter. I can happily run for two hours but, as my 35 minutes at Project Fit showed recently endurance and fitness are two different things.

Project Fit is one of the new treadmill studios opening in London right now. The idea is simple, there’s a row of treadmills that half the class use then sets of floor equipment the other half use. You alternate between the two during each session. Not every class uses the same equipment. Our class used hand weights, Bosu balls (my first time on one) and the step. Others might use the TRX or body weight (I had muttered a Mariah-esque ‘Helen doesnt do burpees’ – on arrival and thankfully didnt get the body weight bit).

Specifically what happened next was a bit of a blur but it went something roughly like this. Lights go down (excellent), music goes on, instructor Joel starts barking instructions depending on whether you’re in the floor section or the treadmill. This might be ‘bicep curls’ or run on the treadmill at 10k, 12k or 14k – about 30 seconds later the instruction alters. You might do step ups with the weights or raise your speed or incline for two minutes. Seriously this man has a neurons of steel. How the heck he remembered who was doing what for how long and kept the intervals straight was a feat of genius.

Project Fit 3

I started off on the floor and was okay at first. It was step work and my legs are strong from running. Then at some point we had to balance on the Bosu ball and raise weights above out head – having never been ona Bosu ball, I just focused on the first part. Then we had to lift the Bosu above our heads …..hahahaha……not going to happen. Thankfully because it’s so dark and so much is going on elsewhere in the room I didnt feel my normal crippling sense of shame when I couldn’t do anything, I just tried my best.

Obviously I did better on the treadmill section. I aimed for the middle speeds and kept up brilliantly on the flat, but lost it totally on any kind of incline – a marked measure of poor fitness. But I still had an absolute blast. 35 minute was just enough for me to push myself fully throughout the class – I was so warm afterwards I walked through Central London without a coat for 25 minutes! Like Psycle, Project Fit is one of those workouts that makes me wish I lived in London and could go regularly. I’m pretty sure I’d have no problems achieving my aims if I did. So, all I need to do now is work out how I’m going to push myself enough to get fitter without someone yelling instructions.

If you want to find out more, visit their website at I’d recommend it. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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