Pure Gold Collagen: My Verdict So Far

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There’s a piece in today’s Daily Mail newspaper in the UK about a new skin boosting drink called Pure Gold Collagen that aims to plump up skin and reduce the look of fine lines and winkles. It’s apparently selling great guns on the Boots.com website which has brought it to the attention of the Mail – something that’s kind of annoying, as I’d already got my hands on some Pure Gold Collagen to review and below is the number of bottles of stuff I’ve still got to drink until I can report back on it for you.

11 down – 19 to go.

That’s because, despite what it says in the paper, Pure Gold Collagen does not just come in a 10 Day Course. It’s sold ten bottles to the pack – but to get results you need to consume a bottle a day for at least four weeks – and the trials the company cite as to how well it works actually took 8-12 weeks to complete.  I’ve been taking it now for just 11 days and haven’t noticed a huge difference as yet (so, readers of the above report might be sadly disappointed if they fork out their £35.99 expecting a 10-day miracle). My skin is starting to look a little plumper and dewier, but there’s certainly no difference in any lines and wrinkles. The product is also supposed to boost hydration and mine is currently as dry as tissue paper. As I say though none of this is surprising as it’s supposed to be a month long course and skin actually takes 28 days to complete it’s regeneration cycle so you’re unlikely to see results form many products in a little over a week. I’m going to keep trying it out though and I’ll come back to you early October with a proper verdict.

Oh and in case you’ve stumbled across this page via the magic that is google and are wondering – but did it work? Here’s a handy link to the full report after the full 30 days were up.

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  1. Jonelle Patrick

    Ai yi yi, I’ll be following your blog avidly, waiting to see if the collagen drink delivers! There are TONS of these things sold in Japan, and although I’ve been a big scoffer, SOMETHING is giving Japanese women the kind of skin I’d use up one of Aladdin’s three wishes to acquire…


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