Putting off your workout? Try this tip…..

Today I managed day eight of Runstreak (attempt 2). This was surprising as 35 minutes ago I was pretty sure I was going to fail – then I ended up chatting to a personal trainer called Stuart Amory for work. He said to me ‘If I’ve got clients who don’t think they are going to make a workout I tell them to imagine their house is going to explode if they don’t leave it in the next 20 minutes. Obviously it’s not, but it just nags on your mind enough to get you out of the door.’

Ironically, our conversation stopped at that point as I could smell burning from the kitchen (seems I haven’t got yummy black beans for dinner tonight after all) so shouting lots of expletives I ran down the stairs. I came back up intending to keep working until The Boyfriend came in (and hopefully whipped up something exciting for dinner) but then in the back of my head I kept hearing ’20 minutes or the house explodes’ so, I turned off my computer, put on my trainers and went and did my mile. It’s a really simple idea but it does work. Give it a go yourself next time you’re procrastinating.

This is Stuart - he has lots of good ideas.

This is Stuart – he has lots of good ideas.

Wait there’s more……

In fact, it seems like Stuart is a man of many good ideas. Right now on his twitter feed (@StuartAmoryPT) he’s running something called the Sally Challenge which sees you doing a set of movements – 70 seconds each of push ups, tricep dips and squats – to the Moby song Flowers (the lyrics of which go ‘Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down’). When Moby says up, you go up – when Moby says down you come down and hold it.  It looks seriously, seriously tough (see the video below).  Join in, post your results on twitter marked #sallychallenge, and tell him health-e-helen sent you.

Hello...hello...is this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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