Raspberry Kale Chips – Nice? Or Food Related Nightmare

I have an issue with fruit being mixed with other food – apricots in curry (no, should never happen), pineapple on pizza (why? why?) and as for putting pineapple on burgers – I’m actually shuddering. The concept therefore of one of the other items I picked up during my ‘lets buy the most bonkers sounding thing in here’ trip to Wholefoods the other day did not exactly whet my appetite. I give you Inspiral Raspberry Maca flavoured Kale Chips.

I like Kale Chips, but with Raspberry? I’m sorry, that sounds like something dreamed up in one of those meetings you have at work when someone (normally wearing a wacky tie) says ‘let’s just throw some words together and see what we come up with.’

Well, that shows what I know…These things are GOOD, completely bonkers but GOOD. It’s really bugging me what they smell like, it’s a treat of some kind but neither I nor The Boyfriend can work it out, I want to say Malt Loaf but I’m not completely sure. They’re like eating sweets – but with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I could quite easily have munched through the whole pot writing this post alone. Apologies inSpiral Foods, I doubted your brilliance and I was wrong.

My only criticism was there is no nutritional information on the pack itself. At this point, my spider-sense starts tingling.  They say they are dehydrated not fried but the ingredients do contain cocoa butter and palm sugar so there could be the possibility these are one of those virtuous snacks that are actually anything but healthy.

Mind you, considering I’ve just spent Easter weekend in Germany where every hostelry, train station and restaurant were thrusting free chocolate eggs and bunnies at me (which of course it would be rude to refuse), snacks that actually have some nutritional value are probably a good thing even if they do have some calories.

Thankfully a quick search online shows that no – the whole 35g tub I purchased is just 45 calories. And I reckon you’d get three servings from a tub – so that’s a snack that’s actually quite filling for 15 calories. GENIUS. Do check your teeth carefully after eating though!

Oh, and I may also have purchased the Cheesie Purple Corn chips too (66 cals a pot) – and they might also be incredibly moreish and delicious, and half gone! If you don’t have a Wholefoods near you, you can order the inSPiral range online.  


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