Regrets….I have a few

The other day I had a rather strange health check up. I was at London’s Third Space gym and Dr Eric Asher, the GP/homeopath in charge asked me ‘do you have a strong fear of death’……after explaining that while it wasn’t exactly something I was looking forward to, I couldn’t say I was avoiding crossing roads just in case I got hit by a bus we moved on (I still have no idea why he asked – it was after he measured my toes and apparently was linked to the result – anyone got a clue?). However, a new study has now got me dwelling further on my ultimate demise. Produced by ex nurse Bronnie Ware in Australia it examined the regrets people have on their death-bed and found that the most common were

  • I wish I’d been true to myself

  • I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

  • I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

  • I wish that I had let myself be happier

It kind of got me thinking what I’d regret about my life if I popped my clogs tomorrow – the good news is there’s not that much from the list above. About two years ago, the ‘working hard’ one would probably have applied to me, but now I’m much better at balancing work and fun (thank to The Boyfriend who has a degree in the subject) but a couple of things have come to mind.

  • I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time worrying about losing 7lb – especially as when I do lose 7lb, I decide I need to lose another seven so it really is a total waste of energy!

  • In fact, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time worrying full stop.

  • I wish I’d seen every country in the world.

I suppose it says good things about my life that they aren’t major deep unresolved issues – that or it says I’m a shallow person – but it has given me something to think about. ¬†We only get one life and yet we’re so busy trying to survive it that we forget we need to live it. So, what would you regret – and can you change that now before it’s too late? It’s a good question to ask yourself now and again. Now you do that while I nip off to Skyscanner and see where I can fly to next weekend……… this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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