Run to The Beat – there’s a new course

I did Run to The Beat last year – it was the first year it had swapped from a 10km to a half marathon and it looked intriguing. I kind of liked the event, but I was disappointed by the music zones. I was expecting pounding beats, whopping, hollering and, frankly, a bit more noise and atmosphere from a music themed even and I think at one point my shuffle was louder. It was also quite a hilly course and when I finished the event, I didn’t think I’d run it again. However, I really do need a race to motivate me and so, when I heard that they had changed the course for this year my ears pricked up.

It’s still at Wembley, but they’re now having what they called four ‘high intensity music zones’ with their own theme and DJ.

You’ll start on Electric Avenue which is described as fast paced, with bright lights.

Sounds of Summer comes around half way as you run through a park – they say this will have a festival vibe (hopefully that’s just the course and music not the Portaloos)

Zone three is still a bit of a secret – apart from the fact that’s it brought you by alcohol free wine company Edinger Alkoholfrie – maybe songs about grapes? Rhianna’s I’ll Drink to That on repeat? I dunno

And finally, there’s an end zone the theme of which will be voted on by the runners.

It sounded tempting and so I’ve signed up. If you want to do the same the event is taking place on September 13th in London. Check out more about the race – and how to enter here at this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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