Why You Should Try Forest Bathing

It’s the last day of the month and so it’s time to say goodbye to my Japanese theme. Thank you for indulging me,  I hope you enjoyed it – and maybe even found a few tricks to bring into your own daily life. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to the diet and fitness theme – I’m not giving anything away yet, but there is news……

Before we wave goodbye to Japan though one final last tip. I only read it this morning in this month’s Australian Good Health mag, and it’s too lovely not to share. It’s the idea of shinrin-yoku which translates, according to the mag, as ‘forest air bathing’ – or, in less poetic terms going for a walk in the woods.

It’s been found that 20 minutes of woods walking actually causes changes in your brain that reduce stress and actually give it time out from the modern world. It’s also been shown to rev immunity which at this time of year is something we all need a little bit of. Plus, fighting stress helps aid weight loss, boosts mood and generally makes your world a brighter place. If that all sounds good (and why wouldn’t it) why not add some shinrin-yoku to your weekend plans?

Exactly why it works no-one knows – it might be the fact that we’re surrounded by greenery – and the colour green is very calming to the body. There’s also speculation that it could be something to do with chemicals that the trees themselves give off that do something super calming to our nervous system. There’s also some evidence that our mind processes anxiety as we move our eyes of side to side to look around us outside. Whatever it is though it’s free and it seems to work – so go on, go visit your local forest, wood or park today.


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