Seaweed Slices for Breakfast – alright then.

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‘You’re eating a slab of moss,’ said The Boyfriend when he came up to my office the other day. ‘Why are you eating moss?’

Actually, I was eating a slab of seaweed and very tasty it was too. The item in question was one of the Crackits range from InSpiral Foods. They had dispatched them after reading my post on their Raspberry and Kale crisps as they thought I might like them. It seems the team at inSpiral may have a little crystal ball lurking in their office, because yes, I do.

Raw is going to be one of the big food trends this year – when I went to the Natural and Organic Products Show recently, every fifth stand was someone offering you something uncooked and actually pretty tasty. For a regime that can be really tricky to do it’s either a welcome help – or, as companies bring in more snacky sounding goodies like sweets and crisps – sacrilege. I’ll let the proper raw food devotees argue that one out.

Personally, I am neither patient nor creative enough in the kitchen to be raw, never will be. It requires a dedication and planning of meals that I will never possess, so I welcome the new additions – but there again I was topping the crackers with all manner of things that would make a true rawist shudder. Frequent combos included tuna mayo on the Wasabi,  Spirulina and Arame ones (aka the moss),  ham and tomato on the Onion, Pepper and Herbs ones and, my personal favourite hummus on the really, really good Mexican Chilli and Cacoa ones. In fact, I was treating them kind of like Ryvita.

Albeit high protein Ryvita. These things are made from a mix of soaked seeds and nuts bound with vegetables and other goodies. This makes them, really, really filling – and suitable for anyone on a wheat free diet or who is watching their carbs. Calorie wise I can’t tell you what’s in them as the information is not yet on the pack or their website, but I’m guessing they’re not a super low-calorie choice! And my money would definitely be on them containing more calories than Ryvita – but just two would fill me up for quite some time and they are packed with good stuff. Some days I had them for lunch (they go well with soup and salad), I also breakfasted on them a lot – I don’t do well with cereal in the morning and some days I just can’t face more yogurt. These actually worked pretty well.Yes, even the seaweed ones.


I admit to leaving those ones till last in my trial. In fact, I left them till the cupboard was empty and I had no choice but to eat them. I’ve been off all things seaweed after a nasty experience with Wholefoods exotic sounding ‘Sea Spaghetti’ the other day. It looked like a great idea – lots of strips of seaweed (kind of like the above) and I was looking forward to it and salmon for lunch – however, I didn’t read the instructions about rinsing and draining and basically ended up with a mouthful of chewy sea water. But these are really good, not at all ‘seaweedy’ and I didn’t have to spit them in the sink.  Which is always good for a food I think.

If you want to give them a try, you’ll find them on the inSpiral website. www,


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