Seeking: Cat Loving Cyclist Who Likes Lycra

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Don’t panic, The Boyfriend has not vacated his position. I have not just typed my internet dating ad into my blog by mistake. Instead, this is my target audience for this first part of the post. I am aware it may be a little niche……but look, look, look. The genius cartoon that is Simon’s Cat has been turned into cycling wear by a company called How cool is that? And if you’re saying ‘what on earth is Simon’s cat?’ Click here and go to You Tube to watch the cartoon. You can thank me later….much later if you’ve watched all of them.

Personally, I really need new kit. I did my Park Run the other day in my ‘race shorts’: you know that perfect pair of shorts that are so broken in nothing rubs or chafes and so you always wear them on race day.

These shorts were bought for me as a birthday gift when I worked on a magazine called Options. Options magazine closed down in 1999. I’ve been wearing those shorts for over 14 years – and they are still wearable (if a little grey).  I have also been known to run in a pair of shorts I bought at a shop called The Warehouse when I first started running in New Zealand – this makes them circa 2002 and lets not even get started on my race shirts (I think the most up-to-date one says 2009 on it!). I really need to go shopping.

The problem is, I hate spending money on running kit. I just can’t bring myself to hand over money for it. The one time this psychological barrier gets broken is at running expos. There I charge round like a woman demented buying Fuel Belts and flashing lights that sit on your arms, eating a meal’s worth of protein bars and debating what to buy from my guilty pleasure – slogan tops from One More Mile. They just make me laugh so hard. Thankfully they are at the Disneyland races expo so I can see a shopping spree coming on. After all, how could you resist these….

This may be my new motto

May not pass you(3)

He He He He…..

Fat Cells(1)


I also develop a liking for Fat Lass at The Back after they let me try one of their shirts on for size. Check out the review here.

So, who is your favourite workout wear company? And why do you love them?

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