Why Skipping Cuts Your Appetite

I’m going through a hungry phase – you know one of those ones where no matter how much – or how little – you consume, you can’t seem to satisfy your need for food. I’ve tried feeding it, starving it, giving it little doses of chocolate, nothing is working and as such I’ve spent a week now in a constant state of nibbling. Between that and the trip to Poland I’ve gained 200gm so it has to stop. I was therefore interested to read a study from Japan that found that skipping stops hunger.

Yep... that's exactly what I looked like too.

Yep… that’s exactly what I looked like too.

Their theory was that the up and down movements stimulate the gut which then impacts on the release of hunger hormones – now, far be it from me to point that out that running also uses similar up and down movements albeit not so violent and I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more likely to make me hungry than running!! Still I figured I’d give it a go.

I was recently given a skipping rope so, out it came and out into the garden I went. This admittedly was not my plan, I was planning to skip in the lounge in the warm, but apparently, you’re not allowed to skip in the lounge when you have lights on strings on the ceiling, something to do with ‘breaking them and it costing a lot for repairs.’

So, outside I skipped. For 30 seconds. Then I stopped and puffed. Then I skipped for another 10 seconds before I tripped over the rope. Then I faffed about a lot fiddling with the length of the rope. Then I worked out that playground style skipping of alternating one leg at a time is easier to keep up for longer than boxer skipping where you lift both feet at once – it also hurts your back less. Then I had to stop again for a bit to get my breath back after my success. This went on for about ten minutes in various alternating intervals of the above.

‘Hmm,’ I started to think, ‘Perhaps that’s why skipping stops you being hungry. It’s really bloody hard. In fact it makes you want to vomit from either exertion or frustration. That’ll stop you eating.’  I was just about to ponder this theory further while perfecting my technique when I glanced toward the window. The blind was up. This is not normal. I noticed a strategically placed iPhone against the glass. I then I realised The Boyfriend was filming all of this ready to load onto Facebook – and that was the end of the skipping…..Admittedly though the sight of the video has put me off food a bit. Aha, perhaps that’s why it worked in the trials too.


Image – istockphoto.com@ Igor Zubakin



  1. laura94b

    Evil, evil boyfriend! I’m going through a crazily hungry time at the moment and need to do more exercise, so maybe skipping is the thing for me?? Sounds like its a lot harder now than when I was a kid though haha!

    1. healthehelen

      I know, I used to be able to skip for hours then – and sing while I was doing it. I may attempt rediscover hopscotch later too. Oh, and Facebook obviously agreed with you re evilness. The video wouldn’t load – he he he.

  2. Arian

    Wow, I know exactly what you mean. I get those eating bouts too, and nothing will satisfy it, not water, not lollies, I just have to eat eat eat. Then one day it stops, and I think “Hallelujah”! So next time, I will try skipping, if I can find my skipping rope, I know I have one.


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