Slim Rice – and Courgetti. I Won’t Miss Carbs. I Won’t.

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Just looking at that plate makes me want pasta.

Just looking at that plate makes me want pasta.

Yay – I’ve broken my carb cravings at breakfast and lunch. Evenings however are still a work in progress. The crackers in the cupboard seem to have developed the ability to shout really, really loudly. I’m getting there though and am weaning off the rice, pasta and potato habit I’d slipped back into for dinner. My first step to achieve this was to plan a detailed list of things I can use to replace the carby parts of my meal. There’s actually loads of these and I’m getting quite creative – my intention was to do a big post once I’d tried them all but I figure why wait?

So first up – let’s talk Slim Rice.

When I was writing my series on all things Japanese, I told you about Shirataki Noodles and how fabulous they are. Slim Rice is the same thing in a different shape. Made from an indigestible fibre called Konjac on paper a 200g pack of Slim Rice contains just 15.4 calories. That on its own would be an amazing saving (a similarly sized portion of cooked rice contains around 280 calories) but as you can’t absorb Konjac, those calories don’t enter your system – as such Slim Rice actually contains zero net calories.


I served this with grilled salmon and vegetables. It wasn’t the best choice – the rice doesn’t have any taste of its own and the texture is a bit slimy when eaten neat.  With a sauce based meal though it would be great. Admittedly this meal was supposed to have a sauce but I have discovered that I can’t cook when I’m stressed. I either emit some kind of radiation that means everything goes wrong (or more likely I’m not concentrating) and as such I managed to curdle my planned topping!  I did find though that mixing in the leeks I was eating a side dish helped a lot.

Overall I prefer the noodles as I think the slightly jelly-like Konjac texture suits noodles more than rice – but for zero calories, if you want to fool your brain and your body that you’re eating more than you are, it’s great. Another bonus was that I didn’t seem to bloat on the rice in the same way as I did on the noodles – possibly because it’s smaller particles and so easier for my body to break down. You’ll find Slim Rice (and Slim Pasta) at Holland and Barrett.

Now, let’s talk Courgetti (trademark me)


Like most households, Spaghetti Bolognaise is a staple meal here – normally when I’m cutting carbs I eat the sauce on Portobello Mushrooms, but this time I decided to ring the changes and create Courgetti. In other words, I attacked a courgette with a vegetable peeler and made it into long thin strips, then quickly sauteed them in water. This was great – really successful substitute. I’m actually now desperate to try it with a carbonara sauce. Although I’m pretty sure that might put back the 250 odd calories I save per portion. I highly recommend Courgetti.

Coming soon – what happens when you mash cauliflower (short answer: you develop a small addiction to the stuff). And, can you substitute anything for crackers…..

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