Snack Tea – what on earth is a Snack Tea?

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That’s the question I was asking myself when I saw the advert for them on the back of Holland and Barrett’s Healthy magazine last month. ‘Deliciously satisfying between meals’ said the ad. So, a week or so ago I went and bought some. The Sweet Mint with Assam variety to be precise.

The blurb on the side was even better ‘Cookies and crackers are tempting to but YOGI TEA Snack Tea is holding you and you have fallen in love’. It’s like a boyfriend in a cup I thought – though frankly, if a boyfriend attempted to keep me away from the cookies and the crackers we might have to have a little chat about things. I was less excited when I read the ingredients- I was expecting some magic appetite buster, but they seem to include sensible things – peppermint, black tea, ginger, licorice, cinnamon, black pepper, some other bits and a Chinese herb called Schisandra which is a member of the adaptogen family (which are normally good for stress etc) but also renowned for it’s ‘five tastes’ supplying sweet, sour, salty, spice and bitter in one go. None of this really seemed to shout ‘I am going to replace chocolate in your life and you will love me like a puppy’, but when the mid-afternoon sugar cravings came calling I checked the kettle on anyway.

At first mouthful, I’m like ‘oh, woop de doo – it’s peppermint tea’ – but then about halfway down the cup, you realise that it’s actually very sweet. Normally this would be something I’d complain about, but not in the middle of the afternoon when I’m flagging and hungry. You also notice a pleasant tongue tingling sensation that I guess is something to do with the ginger. Or maybe it’s all down to the Schisandra, who knows. By the end of the cup, my sugar cravings had abated – although it certainly hasn’t stopped me being hungry – but more pleasingly every breath in was going through a lovely minty mouth triggering a boost of energy that pepped me right up. So – that’s a snack tea I thought. I quite like it. Though, I wouldn’t say no to some cashews right now.

If you want to give it a try – and it might be great if you’re currently on a sugar detox as, it’s very sweet but doesn’t contain any type of sugar, you’ll find it at Holland and Barrett stores nationwide. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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