So what does happen at a ‘Fitness Rave’

Last night I donned my best flouro outfit (see below) and headed off to a tunnel under London’s Waterloo Station to attend the Fitness Freak Fitness Rave.

I admit,communal exercise is not my natural home – there’s a reason I run long distance and it’s so I don’t have to deal with other people (and my inability to go the same way that they are in an exercise class situation). I was however lured by the idea of bad 90s music and the fact that I could wave a glo-stick while going the wrong way.

It started at 6.30 to the sounds of I Like To Move It. Move It – by 6.35 I was wondering what on earth I was doing as, yet again I bumped into the woman next to me while she was going right and I was going left!  And this was just the warm-up. To be honest, if I’d been at the front at this point I would have gone home thinking a fitness rave wasn’t for me – however I wasn’t, I was right at the back, to leave would have meant walking past about 70 people – and I was wearing a top that literally glowed in the dark! Sneaking out was not an option so I had to just suck it up.

Where's my whistle? I need a whistle.

Where’s my whistle? I need a whistle.

Thankfully things got easier – once the warm-up was over they taught us a routine. This was more dancing than aerobics moves – and it was repeated over, and over and over again – even I could pick it up by the end of it. Except for the bit where you had to bring your right elbow to your left knee – my brain does not compute that move at all.

By this point though I’d realised something very, very important. A fitness rave is in a very large, dark room. It’s not like an aerobics class with bright lights and mirrors that means everyone can see what you’re doing even if they have their back to you.

I was virtually at the back, so the only person who could see my muck ups was the woman behind me (she’d given up standing next to me after I’d whacked her about three times with my glo-stick).  This meant I actually started to enjoy myself, at one point I even found myself whooping and counting down the moves – this is not normal behaviour but the teachers were brilliantly enthusiastic! Weirdly, I did better as the moves got faster, I think that’s half my problem with aerobics, it’s performing at about half the speed I normally dance at.

Big fish, little fish, cardboard box......

Big fish, little fish, cardboard box……

As for exercising with a glo-stick. I may make this a regular part of my workout regime. It’s fun and allows you to actually enjoy doing shoulder rolls as you get to make big glowy patterns in the sky.

To sum up, if you get the chance to go to a Fitness Rave – do it. Don your best flouros (some people had tutus and glow in the dark headbands) and do it – even if normally you’re a huge great klutz of an exerciser. In terms of how intense it is – because you can work at your own pace it really is suitable for everyone. The class was 50 minutes with a short water break and toning section. I kept up the whole way through and wasn’t shattered by the end of it, but did feel I earned the free wheaty crisp things we got in the goodie bag. I probably should apologise though to anyone who sat next to me on the way home – it was a bit hot in there!

Fitness Freak Rave

My big mistake however was wearing new trainers – New Balance had sent me a lovely pair of bright coloured running flats yesterday morning. They had flouro laces and so I decided to wear them. Turns out running flats are not a good shoe to jump up and down waving your arms in the air to 2Unlimited, my plantar fascia is killing me! Also note to anyone thinking of buying a New Balance Running Flat – go up a size. They are really tight – I had been sent the same size as my normal New Balance trainers but my feet really hurt by the end of the night. They’re pretty though……look.



  1. Glamourous Traveller

    This sounds awesome! I wish a gym would organize it here

  2. supergenericgirl

    Sounds like so much fun! Hope someone organises something like that here in NZ!

    1. healthehelen

      Hmmmm, I’m looking for a business idea for my return!

  3. narcissista1

    Wait, is there alcohol?

    1. healthehelen

      I might have cared less about going the wrong way if there had been!

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