Spiderbands: Awesome New York Workout

It’s time for my monthly Bodyologist page over a healthista.com where I’m talking about such goodies as All Bran’s new chocolatey cereal (it makes a great snack), chocolate related calorie capping – coming soon to a store near you; clothing that measures how hard you’re working out and Spiderbands – a new workout from New York that I desperately want to try. Look that’s it below – you’re basically hanging off the ceiling and kicking stuff. How much fun does that look?


But it’s not the only New York workout class I’m hankering to visit after all, New York is the land where most of the truly innovative (okay, slightly strange) exercises classes are born – anyone remember the Stilletto workout’s at Crunch gym? And right now, it seems to be brimming over with fun ideas. For example, There’s also JumpLife with its rebounding classes set to pumping music (look they have a disco ball). See more at jump-life.com

JumpLife - trampolines and flouro. What's not to love?

JumpLife – trampolines and flouro. What’s not to love?

I also want to try Surfset which sees you wobbling around on a surf board like device called a RipSurferX – without getting your feet wet. That looks fun (if a bit tough on the abs. This one is all over the US actually – and has a few classes overseas too – Aussie and Singapore readers you might want to check it out. See more at surfsetfitness.com

Surfset - it's wobbly.

Surfset – it’s wobbly.

And of course there’s SoulCycle – the bike classes that inspire almost cult like devotion in their participants.It wouldn’t be a fitness holiday without trying that one. See more at soulcycle.com.

Soul Cycle's newest New York studio

Soul Cycle’s newest New York studio

Hmm, maybe I need to start thinking about a weekend away! And you might need to think about nipping over to healthista.com to check out the rest of that news. But before you go – is there an exercise class you’re desperate to try?

Images: @francicohen @jumplife @surfset @soulcycle

Statue of Liberty: freedigitalphotos.net

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