Strong: My New Fave Protein Shake

strong protein shake by Zana Morris

Finally, I can tell you about this because now you can buy it online. For the last three months I have been starting my day with the glorious taste of ice cream. No, not the real stuff, although that would be awesome, but in a diet-friendly kind of way, I’ve been drinking the new Strong Protein Shake. They call it Vanilla, I call it the closest thing to Ben and Jerry’s that it’s acceptable to consume before 8am.

109 calories a scoop, it’s good with water, great with milk but I combine mine with 2 tablespoons of Total Fat Free Yogurt and water for something that keeps me full until lunch no problems.  That’s enough to sell it to me, but for those serious about their sports nutrition, it’s apparently important to tell you that it’s made with casein powder not whey. ‘Whey is a packed with protein but it’s not absorbed as efficiently as casein,’ says Zana Morris, creator of Strong. This superior absorption is thought to be down to the fact that casein turns to a gel like substance in the stomach which slows how fast it’s broken down maximising the amount of goodness you can take in. This gel business is not surprising to hear considering how thick the shake goes if you leave it – I had to eat mine with a spoon once.

If you want to try it. you’ll find it at priced £22.50 for about 17 servings. I know it costs this not just because I’ve looked it up, but because I have paid my own hard earned cash for it.  And trust me, anything a journalist pays their own money for is good as we’re sent stuff all the time, I can see four pots of protein shake from where I’m sitting typing this yet I still bought this one. Basically, if we actually go out and buy something we’ve tried, it’s seriously recommended. Oh, and it looks nice in the cupboard too.


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  1. KatrinaComingClean

    I love hearing about new protein powders!

    This sounds great and so glad you had vanilla – I just don’t get any other flavour aside from banana!

    Never thought to have in yoghurt though – great idea!

    1. healthehelen

      It’s also good added to cottage cheese instead of dessert! I admit strawberry works best for that one.

  2. Johnny Steyn

    Very interesting! Would love to see a more technical comparison between whey and casein. The product sounds amazing!

    1. healthehelen

      There are studies comparing the two that I had a look at last night, but you know I don’t do technical on here Johnny! Especially not at 8pm!

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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