10 Alcohol-Free Drink Ideas

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Giving up alcohol for a short period is becoming more and more common with the rise of ideas like Dry January, Ocsover or Feb-Fast – but having done this a few times I know that drinking sodas gets old very fast and as such I’ve become a bit of an expert on alcohol-free drinks.

If you ever want to be amazed at quite how many alcohol-free drinks there are out there head to the website for a little establishment called The Alcohol Free Shop – who specialise in de-alcoholised and non alcoholic drinks. Logging on to their site is like visiting a magic treasure trove of shiny new (saintly) tastes …I quite fancy the Palermo Amarino Bitters – apparently, they’re a “marriage of maraschino cherry and caramel” – one shot of that and I wouldn’t need dessert..

Alcohol-free beers are also growing in number and the latest one to plop onto my desk is a beer called Equator, which not only does have any alcohol – it also has Zero calories. Well strictly that’s not true, it has 10 calories per 330ml bottle but because of the way calorie rules are calculated anything containing less than 5cal per 100ml is allowed to say they are calorie free – considering that 330ml normal lager contains around 140 calories though I’m not going to pick many holes.

After a sneaky swig or two I gave it to The Boyfriend. First swig he was swearing it was disgusting muck – by halfway through he was pronouncing it,”actually a bit hoppy” – by the end of the bottle he’d enjoyed it but said if he had to drink non-alcoholic beer he’d prefer Becks Blue. I don’t like Becks Blue as it tastes like beer, my beer of choice is Coors Light and this had the same ‘it’s not really beer’ taste, although it is a little bit more watery. For 10 calories a bottle I could get used to it. You’ll find it at Tesco if you’re interested priced £2.99 for four.

As I said though the three suggestions above are not the only alcohol-free drinks out there….here’s seven others I’d recommend…

Monin Gin Syrup – it tastes like gin, it smells like gin, it mixes with tonic just like gin. It’s completely brilliant. Find it online at cocktail-crazy.co.uk

Cobra Zero Lager – probably my favourite of the alcohol free lagers. It’s still a little bit sweeter than the real thing but makes a great accompaniment to curry.

Schloer: If they sold this in pubs I would drink it instead of wine (unless I’d had a very long day). As it is I pop it in a champagne glass come 6pm, sink onto the sofa and I’m as happy as Larry – especially the morning after.

Zeo: This adult soft drink even tingles on your tongue like booze – see my detailed review here

Seedlip: Specifically designed to mimic spirits they’re non-distilled and so are completely alcohol-free

Kombucha: This fermented drink is alcohol-free but tastes a lot like wine.

Ikea sell an alcohol free mulled wine

Oh and if you want any further help with your mission to quit, you can also check out my book on doing just that. Called Quit Alcohol for a Month it’s a ‘how to’ guide for taking a month off from booze and contains even more suggestions for alcohol-free drinks, mocktail recipes plus a heap of psychological tips that’ll keep you on the wagon. Click the link above to go to it’s amazon page to find out more of buy it.

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