Healthy Sweet Treats for Dieters….

So it has begun – the annual January slimdown; and if you like sweet stuff, you’re probably miserable right now. Do not worry blog peep – there’s a few new products out there for sweet tooth types that might help you satisfy your cravings without falling off the diet wagon.

  • Stevia: This sweetener has been used in Europe, Australia and the US for a while now but launched in the UK in December. Extracted from the leaves of a South American plant, it’s more natural than most artificial sweeteners. Use it in teas, on cereal and in baking just as you would sugar, most products contain zero calories a serving. Look for brands like Pure Via, Superfoods Steviana and Truvia in supermarkets.

Nims Fruit Crisps

  • Nim’s fruit crisps: Fruit chips can be very calorific, but these ones are thinly sliced then airdried cutting calories to as few as 48 a pack for the Apple & Kiwi variety. Each pack counts as one of your five a day and they seem to go for ever. I like the Pineapple and Mango best, they’re 70 calories a pack. I have been known to dip them in hummus! Buy them here

  • Sainsbury’s cheeses with fruit pieces: These have become my new obsession – on the Deli counter you’ll find amazing flavours like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Apple Pie. You’ll also find cheeses with cranberrys and blueberries in the packaged cheese aisle. Obviously, if cheese is one of those foods that you can’t stop eating once you start this might not be the best choice for you as they are still calorific in large portions, but I found that 100gm serving would last me a week cut into tiny slivers and eaten with say a pear. It’s a really satisfying snack or dessert for about 100 calories.

If you prefer your snacks savoury, check out this recipe for Cavolo Nero chips that are not only low in calories, but also really strong in flavour so you won’t need that many of them.

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