Sweetcorn juice – who knew?

So while I was in Bangkok I also went to an amazing food store in the Siam Paragon mall. Seriously, I walked round this place like a child in a toy shop. My mouth was actually open at one point there were so many cool things. I bought The Boyfriend an apple that was the size of a large doll’s head – and that was a little one. There were some apples in there the size of cantaloupes that cost £6.00 each.

However, the thing that really caught my attention was the juice section. There were a few stalls, one doing cold pressed blends for things like detox or energy and one full of plain juices but of exciting fruits like Gac – and, sweetcorn. Okay, of all the things I have thought of throwing in a juicer sweetcorn has never been one of them.

Guess who handed over her 39 baht (about 80p) faster than you can say crush me a kernel.

I admit the smell nearly put me off……..apologies, stupid statement coming……it smelt like sweetcorn. Now I like sweetcorn but the idea of drinking it did not compute at all and the smell was compounding this idea in my brain – as such I was expecting it to be disgusting. But It wasnt it was really sweet and surprisingly creamy, almost like a nut milk.

I’ve done a bit of googling since and it seems corn juice is quite common in Asia and many other countries around the world. I’d obviously just never seen it – or been able to read what it was before. Oh and if you’re a juicy type it is possible to do it yourself. Apparently you just juice the kernels from one cob of corn (cooked seems to be preferred) and add some water, milk or soy if you fancy it – or for a stronger taste, two cobs au natural, and you’re good to go. See, this is why I love travelling. There’s always something new to learn. So what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever juiced? And how did it go?

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