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7 Doctor-Approved Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain (and One They Don’t Suggest)

Hip. It’s such a youthful word, isn’t it? Hip and trendy. Hipster. Hip and cool Hip just screams all things young – until, you add another word to it, pain. Say hip pain and a totally different image comes to mind – and it’s not one that brings up images of cafes serving breakfast cereals …

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Skinade Review: How Does it Compare to Pure Gold Collagen

I was recently offered the chance to review Skinade collagen drink – and frankly, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Specifically, they were interested in finding out what I thought about Skinade drink vs Pure Gold Collagen – another collagen drink I’d tried in the past and quite liked. As with any sponsored post I …

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What the Heck is: Wine Face. And Why Fixing It Can Make You Look Younger

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s basically an idea I spotted in a new book that plopped onto my desk by the naturopathic doctor, Dr Nigma Talib. And it’s fascinating, a bit scary – but thankfully fixable. Read on to find out all about wine face… This post contains affiliate links and I …

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