Pack shot of Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Infusion

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Infusion: Zero Calories But, Is it Healthy – or Tasty?

I have spent much of the day sniffing a teabag muttering ‘oh my god that’s amazing’.  No, I’ve not developed some weird fetish, instead, I have a box of Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Infusion on my desk. I first saw the press release for this on April 1st.  Not the best day to send it out …

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What’s a MacaPrune? You’ll Love These Macaroons With a Health Twist

Do you know what this is? Now chances are you’re saying ‘It’s a Macaroon, Helen – get with the trend love’ – but it’s not. It’s a MacaPrune. That is, a macaroon filled with prunes rather than the normal pure sugar filling. Now, I admit that prunes don’t have the most glamorous image and so …

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