woman on a rock doing yoga

Yoga For Weight Loss: How to Use It to Boost Your Results

When it comes to using exercise to encourage weight loss, doing yoga might not be on your list. You might think about running, daily brisk walks or something super intense like Crossfit – but, yoga? Well actually, when it comes to exercising to lose weight, yoga can absolutely play a role… and here’s why and …

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woman going into bridge pose lying on a pink mat

The Simple Tweak That Helps You Beat Hamstring Cramp with Bridge Pose

If there’s one exercise that will make you feel like you’re working your way to a flatter tummy it’s this one depicted below. Now, depending on whether you are a Pilates woman or a yoga queen you will refer to these, respectively, as Pelvic Curls, or Bridge Pose. If you’re one neither of those things, …

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