Testing: Miracle ‘Gym-Like’ Japanese Bath Salts.

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As I said in my first post back from my holiday, my first evening in Japan was spent on a mission. I was going to the beauty department of a store called Tokyu Hands and my mission was to buy goodies the likes of which I’d never seen before. Top on my quest were bath salts. The Japanese have amazing bath salts – and it seems no regulations as to what they can claim to do. I wasn’t disappointed, there were shelves of them – look….

Packet after packet – and I can’t read any of them.

One hour and about £20 later I came away with a pile of bath goodies (and some other exciting creations including a mask solely designed for pampering knees, a wine soaked sheet mask, one made of something to do with snakes and some socks with moisturising cream in, all of which I’ll play with at a future date).

Today though was the first time since I’d got back that I had time to actually put one of my bath sachets in water. I decided therefore to start with the one that sounded most exciting – just look at that packaging.

My bathroom is going to become a gym……I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to manifest: would all the stereos in the house suddenly start playing Olivia Newton John’s Physical? Would six spinning bikes materialize in the lounge? Maybe a trail of large armed men in singlets would appear genie-like at the side of the loo. None of these things happened – in fact, it seemed very much like a normal bath. I was sadly disappointed.

That was half an hour ago an now though as I type this something very strange is happening in my stomach area – it’s hot. Oddly hot. As I can’t read what the ingredients are on the pack I can’t explain why this might be but there does seem to be a picture of a perspiring woman on the pack so I do think some kind of temperature rise is to be expected. It’s wearing off now but if I’ve dropped a dress size by tomorrow I’ll let you know.


I’ve still  got five more sachets to test – that’s them in the big picture above. Again, I have no idea what they’re going to do for me but judging by the packets; one seems to make my jeans fit, two of them seem to make me sweat, one is designed specially for Bloodtype B (which as I don’t know my bloodtype might not be very helpful) and the other one is either going to make me chilly or turn me into a penguin. I’m kind of hoping it’s the latter, although it’ll play havoc with my typing.

The Non Touristy Useful Bit

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten I’m supposed to be useful. So, for those not wanting to use bonkers bath products, here’s my list of sensible productsworth putting in your bath…..

1) Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath Oil: It has tackled both insomnia and jetlag for me. I also carry a tiny bottle with me on every plane flight to dab on my nose while convincing myself this is the time I will fall asleep. About an hour of tossing and turning later, I give up – and switch to using their Energising Oil instead.

2) Elemis Exotic Frangaipani Monoi Body Oil. Technically it’s a body oil but I never apply them and so I use this in the bath instead. It smells divine.

3) Deep Heat Muscle Rescue: The two products above are pricey and for special occasion baths only (but bath oils are my beauty indulgence). This however is what I use when I’ve sat at my desk for twelve hours and things ache.

And, as for my most favourite product ever? THE best bath product in the world. was Lush Smaragadine nothing bubbles like it, nothing smells like it. They briefly re-released it about the time this post was written but now it’s gone again. This makes me very sad. .

I’m virtually crying with joy at seeing this

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