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I realised today that I haven’t run a step since I crossed the Disneyland Finish line 10 days ago – not even for a bus or a lift. In theory this isn’t too much of a problem, as you’ll see in an upcoming post, walking round Disneyland definitely kept my legs moving after the race and, there’s also a theory that after an event you should actually not run hard for a day for ever mile you covered – which means I’ve still technically got 9.3 days before guilt should set in. However, I do have to run 10km round London Zoo on Sunday and so I thought I’d better as least move a little bit – and, as the weather in the UK today is pretty horrible, I decided it was a good chance to test something that’s been sitting in my cupboard since the early summer – Zaggora’s Capri length leggings.

I’ve written about Zaggora before so most of you know I’m a fan, but I really wasn’t sure about the capris. For starter, they are blue – not just navy blue, they are bright blue – Dory the Fish blue; Smurf Blue, Heads of the Blue Man Group blue – “let’s potentially make it look like you have the arse of an elephant and show every single bump” blue. Plus, they are long and made of material designed to make you sweat and one of the things I really hate when exercising is having hot legs so the idea of using them during this super-steamy Summer really didn’t appeal. Today however I wriggled into them.

See - blue

See – blue

Surprise – or rather not really a surprise because for something that sounds like a gimmick Zaggora is a really well made product (and no, they don’t pay me to write these posts) – these are actually fairly flattering. Because they are effectively like wetsuit fabric they suck things in – but they also have a fabric top panel that pulls down over your stomach smoothing out that area. The view from the back was still a little bit scary, but a long top sorted that out and while I was very conscious throughout my run that I had bright blue legs I certainly didn’t feel uncomfortable with how they looked shapewise.

The heat thing I had more of a problem with – as suspected I didn’t like the fact that the whole of my leg got hot while I ran, but that is kind of the point of the product. By generating more heat the theory has it that you burn more calories while you exercise – according to their trials up to 11.3 percent more calories during a half an hour workout. I might wear them again when it’s really cold, but until then I’ll stick with the shorter versions but if heat doesn’t bother you though then this won’t be an issue. More importantly, they also didn’t obviously chafe, sag at the crotch or move into any places they shouldn’t go while I was actually running.  In other words, they’re pretty much another winner from the brand. You’ll find them at zaggora.com for UK, US, Aus and Canadian readers – just click on the flag icon on the top right to make sure you’re in the right site for you.

Oh, and breaking news

They just launched a men’s range in the last couple of days. Based on the styling of Rocky – think hoodies and gilets, it concentrates the heat raising on the upper half of the body (with handy sweat venting mesh in relevant places you’ll be pleased to hear). Check that on on the site too – men’s prices start at £115.


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If you want to try them yourself, the original Zaggora HotPants cost £44.99, the Capri’s are £69 and they’ve expanded the range into tops too. You can buy them via amazon – just click on the pictures below to find out more about them.
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  1. MIZ

    I love the LOOK of the skirty thing–but they also look sooooo hot 😉

    1. healthehelen

      Admittedly, sweaty and hot is what makes them work – the shorter HotPants are a happy compromise in my eyes though.


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