That Nigella Diet – what’s it all about then?

It’s being reported today that Nigella Lawson has created her new svelte curves following the Bodyism diet. For those of you not up on your celebrity eating plans, this is the plan created by trainers James Duigan (above) and Dalton Wong (below) at their South Kensington gym, called -not hugely surprisingly – Bodyism. It’s also the Method used by stars like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Pippa Middleton, Elle McPherson and Lara Stone.

The approach focuses on healthy, clean food in fact, Duigan refers to it as the ‘cut the CRAP diet’ – as the full plan means no Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol or Processed foods; and it’s particularly good if you’re one of those apple shaped people who carries fat round your tummy as it really addresses how issues like stress can affect your body (particularly round the middle). In fact, a trim tum is the gym’s speciality and they believe chilling out more is a major key to getting it.

I always thought my body was a bit strange, as whenever I go on holiday, no matter what I eat, my stomach flattens – but, according to Duigan this is a sure sign that I have stress induced stomach and need to work on my pressure levels if I ever want to look like his other celeb clients Elle McPherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  Wong also once told one of the biggest mistakes people in high pressure jobs make is going straight for the office to the gym and doing an intense workout regime; rather than calming you this can add to your stress load and trigger you to actually gain fat round the middle not lose it. He also believed this is why I tended to have a fatter stomach when I was running marathons than I do now – the endurance exercise was stressing my body not helping it.

You can read all about the full plan in James Duigan’s book Clean & Lean Diet: The Bestselling Book on Achieving Your Perfect Body (written with Maria Lally), but for a quick introduction – try the tip I once got from him.  ‘If I had 30 seconds to tell you how to get the best body ever, I’d remove two things from your diet – wheat and sugar. And add two things, a fibre supplement and a fish oil. The combination will completely transform your body.’ So, there you have it…..

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