The 5×50 Challenge – new workout idea to try

Now, who said twitter was just useful for finding out what people have for lunch? Today a great exercise idea popped up on my twitter feed…..the 5×50 challenge – walk, run or cycle 5k/day for 50 days,

Intrigued I decided to find out more.They’re basically asking people who sign up to – as they pretty much said – run, walk or cycle 5k every day for 50 days – though if swimming or something else is your sport of choice, that counts too so long as you do it for 5k or a time equivalent. It starts on September 9th and finishes October 28th. There’s a £5 registration fee which goes towards the charity Sport Relief – after that you can either get sponsored or just take part for the fun of it.

I’m still deciding whether to sign up for the whole challenge – I do need something else to motivate me, but today while at the gym I decided to try to see how long it would take to cover 5km in various ways. Here’s my personal verdicts……

Running: 32 and a half minutes – maybe a tiny bit less, I can’t actually run at the moment so can’t test that one, but I think it’s a good guess.

Walk – 54 minutes. I’d have to do that one outside or I’d go insane.

Cycle – this one I actually did today, it took 9.59. It was shaping up to be 10.30 but then Pendulum came on and my little legs spun a lot.

Row – 31 minutes. I did 2000 metres of it, then got bored, but it’s definitely doable.

Crosstrainer – 86 minutes. That is never going to happen

How long would it take you?


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