The Apple Watch Meditation

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Okay, the Poll has spoken – you want me to start doing more health and beauty again alongside all the fitness and diet stuff. So let’s start with some stress reduction – namely the apple watch meditation.

Wait…..before you click off to the next blog muttering something about pricey gadgets, this does not require you purchasing anything you wear on your wrist – instead, it sees you literally spending two minutes, erm watching an apple on YouTube!. The AWM video has been made by meditation coach Tom Evans to prove how simple meditation can be and it is weirdly relaxing (plus the idea made me laugh so I wanted to plug it!).

However, the AWM is not the only fruit based meditation out there. One of the best known mindfulness exercises is called the Raisin exercise and it literally sees you attempting to make eating a raisin last as long as you can – the idea is that you start by looking at the raisin paying attention to its grooves and creases, exploring how the light falls on the raisin – then focus on touching and smelling the raisin. After lots of other steps which are all beautifully explained here, eventually you eat the raisin. But even then you don’t just nom it as fast as possible, instead you focus on the texture, how it feels in your mouth, the different layers of sweetness etc etc…..expand for as long as possible and experience inner calm. The idea is that if you’re focusing solely on the sensations you can feel now, your mind can’t wander off into 100 directions that stress you out.

If only I’d known this when I was about seven I could have made millions. At that time I would spend Saturday night’s at my Nan’s house and the big treat of the weekend was the Cornetto I got given during the Peters and Lee show. My aim every week was to see how long I could make the Cornetto last for by eating it as slowly as possible – I got it up to an hour which is quite an impressive feat for a melting object. Seems I was a health guru even then….. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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