The Breaking Bad Workout Game

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I have had this post planned for months now – not least because so many people come here hoping to find one, after I mentioned the idea in passing a few months back, so here, in honour of season 5 of Breaking Bad returning, I give you the Breaking Bad Workout Game…..

Say hello to your new workout gurus.

Say hello to your new workout gurus.

In the manner of drinking games, the rules are simple – you walk/jog on the treadmill, cycle on your exercise bike at normal pace, or simply lounge in front of the TV until you see or hear the trigger – when you spot it you go hell for leather doing one minute of the following activities. To make it easier for you, each of the triggers has the same letter of the activity you need to do when you see it….

If you spot something PURPLE in Marie and Hank’s house (or as part of her clothing) do PRESS UPS

Whenever someone says HEISENBERG it’s time to go HARD – sprint, up the incline or cycle as fast as you can, or do star jumps as fast as you can

If Jessie says BI (A) TCH – it’s time for BURPEES (seems appropriate as they are the biatch of all exercises).

Whenever SKYLAR sulks, pouts, folds her arms or moans it’s time for SQUATS – you will have the butt of a goddess by the end of the season

Anytime you see some CRYSTAL meth or someone says the word COOK do some CRUNCHES

Jesse’s ROOMBA cleaner is the sign to RUN ON THE SPOT for a minute

Saul’s on screen – time to do some LUNGES. No, I haven’t broken the theme, Saul’s a LAWYER remember

Any scene involving anyone in the DEA – including Hank – means it’s time to do Tricep DIPS


Right, that should keep you active enough while still allowing you to follow the plot. Only eight more episodes to go…… this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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