The Colour Run – London (for real). Big news…huge

It’s coming – they just announced the first official Colour Run in London. I’m already entered in two Colour5k events – but this is the big one. Over 950 people already interested on Facebook, Wembley Stadium as a venue… sounds immense and I’m itching to enter.


The problem: erm they didn’t check their race calendars. It’s the same day as the British 10km is on in London which I’m already committed to to get my chip time – so my question is, can I do two events in one day?  I know my twitter timeline is going to be besieged with pics of powdery people and I’m going to get serious colour envy if I don’t.

I’ve got 10 days to decide – entries open May 10th. I can see it being a sell out. Website is not yet up and running but bookmark now. Just don’t nick my place (let’s face it, even if I have to crawl round I’m not missing this one).

Update: May 10th – I got in. I might be squealing a little but about now. If you weren’t so lucky, don’t forget there’s a similar race on Sept 14th. Click here to find out more details.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post due to some Google magic, it’s a bit out of date and the events being talked about here and have been and gone. If you want to see my reviews though, here’s where to find them.

What happened when I ran my first Color Run – spoiler, I didn’t get as messy as I hoped, so, if you want to get covered in bright powder I’d suggest you read this for a few tips. I’ve since done another one, which I didn’t report on and using what I learned here made this second one way more fun.

I also ran in the Color Run night race at Olympic Park in Stratford and came up with a heap more useful advice. Here’s the race review of that. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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