The DiscoD Silent Disco Tour, Sydney – burn calories and have a blast

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I thought I’d seen Sydney’s Opera House from every conceivable circumstance – boat, plane, feet; inside, outside, dusk, dawn, winter, summer – you get the picture, but no, I hadn’t – because, thanks to DiscoD’s Silent Disco I have now also seen the Opera House while dancing toward it doing all the moves from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

Disco D tours review

It started when I was looking for advice on things to do in Sydney.

Having lived there and visited a lot I was looking for something a bit different to do on a holiday trip….and there it was DiscoD Tours. A Silent Disco dancing-based tour around the streets of Sydney.

I roped in my friend Arian and her friend Goretti and, not really knowing what on earth we were doing, we turned up at the historic Cadman’s Cottage near the historic Rocks district at 7pm on a Friday night.

Thankfully there was more than just the three of us, and it was just starting to get dark so we felt we had some camouflage, so donning our headphones we were soon practicing our signature moves to disco classics.

Then it was time to move…..I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but what we ended up doing was something that looked like a really strange flash mob through the streets of the Rocks.

We shook, we shimmed, we did mini routines and strutted across zebra crossings like the Taylor Swift version of the Beatles – at one point there was also a particularly spirited rendition of Rock Lobster opposite the Belgian Beer Cafe.

And we did all of this while people doing normal things like eating pizza or drinking beer looked at us out of windows like we were all completely mad. IT WAS BRILLIANT.

Honestly, I haven’t had that much fun outside of a karaoke room in ages.

I felt self conscious for about 30 seconds, but I think because you have the headphones on you feel a little bit more protected from the outside world than if the music was playing from, say a boom box, and once the initial ‘oh my god what I am I doing’ moment passed I figured why not just go for it.

Also, one thing you notice everywhere in Sydney is people exercising outdoors – there’s bootcamps, boxing classes, martial arts groups and so I kind of figured everyone probably thought we were just doing some weird fitness class. Some intrepid folks even joined in.

After an hour of dancing I had even broken a sweat and my Fitbit told me I’d burned off about 400 calories – but more importantly we’d all had an absolute blast.

Plus I now know some of the moves from Thriller and you never know when that might come in handy.

The DiscoD tours take place every second week on a Friday night in Darling Harbour and on Sunday night in the Rocks and you have to book in advance. It’s costs $35 per person (that’s about £17). You can find more information and details on how to book the tours here.

Go on, think of the Facebook photos! Just try and make them less fuzzy than my ones!


  1. Minnie skalinkie

    Now this I love. What a great way to expend the calorific value of a healthy m and s sarnie and have a blast. Anyone do it in the UK?

    1. healthehelen (Post author)

      I havent looked as yet; I know of a lot of silent discos but not one that moves about in the same way. That could be a post for another day.

      Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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