The Easy Open Coconut…it’s genius

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On Friday I visited the annual Lunch! show at London’s Business Design Centre. It’s basically where manufacturers showcase products they hope we’re going to be munching around midday in the next year – and wow are there some interesting products coming out over the next few months. I’ll post about a few different ones over the next few weeks, but I figured I’d start with my absolute fave from the whole show. Coco-Easy – the easy open coconut. Look – it’s got a ring pull.


I nearly missed this as they were hidden round a corner but as soon as I saw it I got very excited. I mean lets face it, drinking coconut water out of a fresh coconut is rather lovely, but, I don’t have a handy machete in my kitchen to get the stupid things open so, this makes this much easier. You simply, grab the ring pull and remove the top like a Coke can….

Coco Easy Coconut

That reveals a rather clever access hatch to the liquid – you can use a straw or make the hole bigger with a knife or your finger to drink the water directly from the coconut. Then, if you want to eat the flesh simply shove your thumb in the hole and the whole top comes off revealing the flesh….look.

Coco Easy - easy open coconut

Right now, Coco-Easy doesn’t have distribution here in the UK (they do seem to be available in Australia though) so this really is a sneaky peek until someone starts to stock it (keep checking their website – it’s under construction right now but will list stockists once they are announced). But they get my top marks for innovation. Come on Wholefoods what are you waiting for? this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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