The Simple Question That Can Make You Thinner.

I have a serious problem with being hungry. Not so much about actually feeling it, but thinking I’m going to feel it. In the past I have been known to do all of the below….

a) Take a carrier bag of food on a long haul flight in case they have run out of my personal choice of chicken or beef  – or it’s not being served at the exact moment I need feeding.

b) Take chips and dip when going to dinner at a friend’s house as supposedly a thoughtful gift (but really in case the cook is a bit slower than I might like or doesn’t feed me enough);

c) Eat sushi snack packs on the train to a (three course) work lunch in case the speeches go on too long beforehand and I get peckish.(admittedly, they do always go on too long and I do get peckish but even so)

Recently, I had to write an article for Sainsbury’s magazine looking at exactly why I do all of the above and trying to tackle it – and, as part of it I was asked to do probably the most insightful exercise I’ve ever done in 20 years of writing health.

Eating disorder counsellor Professor Julia Buckroyd (see more about her books and courses here) asked me to write down for one day everything I ate – and then, mark how much of it I had eaten while actually hungry – not because it was lunchtime, not because I was going to the gym and needed some energy, not because I was bored or walked past the fruit bowl, because I was hungry. In an entire day’s food, the answer was one oatcake eaten about 11am.  Yes, just like the ones above, but without the pretty ribbon! I was horrified and it completely changed my attitude to what I was putting in my mouth. If you struggle with your weight I’d suggest you give it a try – perhaps it’ll be as enlightening for you as it was for me.

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photos:© Oleg Kalina and © CGissemann


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