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Jennifer Lawrence workout

I have a minor obsession with teen fiction – Twilight, The Delirium and Divergent trilogies – and, of course The Hunger Games. This excitement is therefore reaching fever pitch today as my twitter timeline is full of journo colleagues at the press conference before tonight’s Catching Fire premiere – and as normal Jennifer Lawrence looks awesome.

Strangely, for a Hollywood superstar, Jennifer’s trainer is actually UK based bodymeister Dalton Wong from West London gym Twenty Two. I’ve been lucky enough to interview him a few times over the years and he’s a fascinating guy. The most important thing he ever told me was why I packed on pounds round my middle running marathons. Apparently, it’s all down to the fact that my body finds the distance incredibly stressful – it therefore releases cortisol which, when I then gorge on carby goodies means fat goes straight to my stomach. That advice was one reason why, when I was training for the Dumbo Double Dare this year I kept my long runs to a minimum.

Anyway, last time I spoke to Dalton it was for Red magazine and he gave me a Katniss-worthy Tabata boosted workout for readers to try – and so I figured I’d pass it onto you too.

Three times a week, do your normal workout for 25 minutes….then, for the last four minutes do the following..

For 20 seconds skip, run on the spot or do repeated squats as fast as you can.

Rest completely for 10 seconds.

Repeat eight times. Cool down with a walk for a minute.

Do it and, the odds that you’ll look awesome WILL be ever in your favour, this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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